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Traffic & Safety

  • Trilite BKA Mechanical Back-up Alarm

    The Tri Lite BKA Mechanical Back-up Alarm is great for public safety and industrial applications. Its rugged, 6-inch diameter bell may be set to ring in either forward or reverse direction. As the vehicle moves, one of two gravity actuated hammers...

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    Trilite CVA Mechanical Back-up Alarm

    The 8-inch diameter Tri Lite CVA Mechanical Back-up Alarm offers a big sound at a low price! It mounts easily to vehicle wheels with standard tools. As the vehicle moves, one of four gravity actuated hammers rings every 1/4 turn of the wheel. Rugged,...

    MSRP: $91.00
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    Now: $89.99
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  • Trilite Electronic Back-up Alarm

    The water-resistant Tri Lite FEA-1 Electronic Back-up Alarm provides high audio output at an economical price. Solid-state circuitry for 12volt DC applications. Sound level 97db at 3 feet. Draws less than 0.6 amps at 12 volts DC. Operates at...

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  • Trilite PAR38 LED Bulb

    PAR38 LEDs are more efficient than standard incandescent or halogen bulbs; they last longer and use less energy. Tri Lite offers a PAR38 LED bulb specifically designed for an industrial environment. A focused 5-degree beam angle shoots light straight to...

    MSRP: $110.00
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  • Trilite Two-Level Electronic Back-up Alarm

    The Tri Lite LTA2 Electronic Back-up Alarm offers two sound levels, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Multi-voltage for 12 to 48 volts DC operation. Two sound levels: 97db at 3 feet or 87db at 3 feet. Draws less than 0.2 amps at 48 volts...

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    Whirlwind Outdoor Sign Stand

    Whirlwind Outdoor Sign Stand

    Overall: 32.25" H x 22.5" W Base can be filled with water or sand for extra stability Wheels for easy installation and removal. Dual spring design helps flex the sign system in extreme conditions Perfect for sidewalk / outdoor advertising Whirlwind...

    MSRP: $499.99
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    Now: $239.00
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